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One thing that made a massive difference to my business

I'm sure you'll agree that running a business can be hard! Admin and organisation often take more time than we'd like which takes time away from us doing the things we're passionate about. Which is where systems and software come in handy. My favourite is Dubsado.

I've been in business for almost ten years (😱) and during that time I've tried all sorts of methods to streamline my admin processes - spreadsheets, online contracts, address books, filing cabinets, good ol' pen and paper...allsorts. But I've always found myself having to use multiple systems which doesn't really make anything simple.

So, when I found Dubsado - a business management tool - I knew it would be a game-changer. Why? Because for once I'd found something where I can organise EVERYTHING.

I can keep contracts, documents, invoices and details all in one place. I can automate parts of my admin processes. I can create personalised client portals. I can set up workflows to remind me of every step of our journey working together.

So why am I telling you? Why is it important to us working together?

Well, being able to streamline the admin parts of my job means that my time and energy is concentrated on you - my clients. It means that I can consistently provide you with the best service while knowing you still get all the important bits. And seeing as I work with a lot of service-based businesses, it might be something that can help you too.

And as a little extra, here's 3 other things that help me stay organised

Trello - I love Trello for organising my weekly to-do list and yearly goals

Sigh Studio Daily Balance desk pad - for when you need to organise yourself with pen and paper

Planoly - I love planoly for organising and scheduling instagram content!


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