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Mini Shoot Day

need a new headshot?


Mini Shoot Days are back!

Mini shoot days are the perfect chance to refresh your headshot and introduce yourself to your audience.

Mini Shoot Days take place about once a quarter in Bold Place, Liverpool City Centre. The next Mini Shoot Day will be on Monday 26th June 2023.


A Mini Shoot day is a day of short and sweet shoots all in one location. It's the perfect chance to refresh your headshot, or test out what having photos is like if you've never been in front of the camera before.

June's headshot day will be taking place in Bold Place, a lovely city centre venue filled with pops of colour and white walls, perfect for every business.

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Next Mini Shoot Day - 26th June 2023

What's included?

  • 15 minutes of shooting time

  • A private online gallery with a selection of images to choose from

  • 2 Digital downloads in high resolution (with the option to purchase more)


As they are short shoots, Mini Shoot's are only suitable for one person, so if you have a business partner and are both looking to have headshots taken, I'd recommend booking two separate slots.

Mini Shoot Day 26th June 2023, Bold Place, Liverpool City Centre

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Why refresh your headshot?

  • Headshots are often the first chance customers online get introduced to you. They should be up to date and an accurate reflection of who you are

  • It gives your audience a glimpse of your personality and who they'll be working with which helps create a personal connection

  • While being in front of the camera can seem daunting, it can really boost your confidence

Take a look at some past mini shoot days...

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