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The Content Shoot


A monthly subscription to remote product photography giving you high-quality photos and video, showing your products off at their best, perfect for your social media content


Do you wish you had new content for your social media each month without having to find the time to take photos?

Do you want high-quality photos and video of your products without breaking the bank?

Do you want to strengthen your brand and stay consistent?

Then The Content Shoot is for you...

6 MONTHS.jpg

Each monthly remote shoot includes

  • 10 digital images

  • 3 mini videos (under 30 seconds)

  • Planning support and guide to using your images

£62 per month

(6 month subscription. Six payments of £62 or pay in full upon sign-up.)

3 MONTHS.png

Each monthly remote shoot includes

  • 10 digital images

  • 3 mini videos (under 30 seconds)

  • Planning support and guide to using your images

£65 per month

(3 month subscription. Three payments of £65 or pay in full upon sign-up.)

one off.png

One remote shoot that includes...

  • 10 digital images

  • 3 mini videos (under 30 seconds)

  • Planning support and guide to using your images


(A one-off shoot to test out the subscription.)


Looking for a one-off shoot for a chunk of products at once? Take a look at my Product Photography packages.

  • I haven't had photos taken for my business before, what's the best shoot for me?"
    The Brand Shoot is likely to be exactly what you need. They are relaxed shoots with an indepth look at what you do, who your customer is and where you'll be using your images. You'll get a wide variety of headshots, little details, behind the scenes, action shots and more which will give you a solid basis for images to use across your social media, website, blogs or printed marketing materials. If you know from the start that you'll want lots of images then you might want to look at the Brand Plus package that includes video as well as a tonne of images. Sometimes people find it easier when their first time in front of the camera is short and sweet, so mini shoots can be used as a way to test out what it's like to work together.
  • I hate having my photo taken, how do I overcome this?
    Most of the people I work with aren't a fan of having their photo taken - it's completley normal! I try to keep shoots as relaxed as possible to help you feel comfortable. We'll chat while we shoot so you get natural, engaging expressions in your images, and I'll always encourage having 'things to do' like staging processes of your job, writing notes, typing on the computer, flicking through instagram or having a cuppa - this way your mind isn't solely focused on the camera. There's no awkward posing or forced smiles, and you don't need to spend the whole shoot looking directly at the camera! Feeling comfortable on your shoot is one of the most important aspects in enjoying your shoot experience and creating photographs that you love and want to use. Part of finding that comfort and confidence is understanding what holds you back - be it not knowing what to do, not liking yourself in images or not wanting to leave your comfort zone. I talk more about confidence on camera and tips that can help here.
  • Where do shoots take place? Do you travel?
    Yes, I travel! As I don't work from a studio, I travel all over the UK for Brand and Top Up shoots. For shoots outside of Liverpool, travel charges apply at 45p per mile from L3 2HA. Mini shoots are only available within Liverpool. Your photographs will work best for your buisness when they are taken in a place that makes sense for you. Most of the time this is your workspace or your home. But depending on your buisness it could be places like your local area, coffee shops where you meet clients or a venue or meeting room you hire. We'll chat about your brand and what locations will work best when we plan your shoot.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    I'd say it's always best if we've got at least four weeks in between booking and the shoot taking place, but the more notice, the better. This gives us plenty of time to talk about your brand, plan the shoot and make sure we'll be capturing all the images you need. Mini shoots are always available on short notice and I sometimes have more last minute slots available for Brand shoots so it's always worth getting in touch if you need images on a shorter time frame.
  • How do I book a brand shoot?
    Head to my contact page and either complete the enquiry form or book in for a zoom call to tell me more about you and your business. We can then chat about what you need, any ideas and see if we're the right fit for working together.
  • Are there payment plans available?
    For Brand, Brand Plus and Top Up shoots, 50% of the shoot fee is due upon booking to secure your date with the balance due 7 days before your shoot. The cost can be split into 3 or 4 payments upon request. The shoot fee is due in full before your shoot takes place. For Mini shoots, payment is due in full upon booking.
  • What is the planning process like before a Brand shoot?
    Before a shoot you'll complete a questionnaire about your brand, offerings and customers. You'll recieve a tonne of support and advice for planning different aspects of your shoot as well as support around feeling confident in front of the camera. We'll also jump on a zoom call to go through a plan of what we want to capture and address any concerns you might have.
  • Do I own the copyright of images from a shoot?
    As the photographer, I legally retain the copyright of images, but this doesnt mean that you're unable to use them. You'll be issued a Promotional Image Liscense when booking your shoot which grants you permission to use your images across your social media, website and marketing materials. Sometimes you might want to use images for uses outside the standard promotional liscense for example in book publications or national editorial, in which case additional liscenses are available to purchase. For more info just pop me an email
  • How long does it take to recieve the images?
    For Brand, Brand Plus Top Up shoots you'll recieve your gallery of edited images 2 weeks after your shoot date. For mini shoots you'll recieve your gallery within 5 days of your shoot date. A rush service for editing is sometimes available at an additional cost.
FAQ monthly

"As usual I absolutely love my images and videos! I feel like you know my products really well and know exactly how to capture them!

I'm definitely going to continue my subscription - couldn't do without it now!"

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Let's chat

Grab a hot chocolate and let's chat about how we can show your products off at their best

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