Brand video

While photographs can make up a huge part of how we market ourselves, video can help your business stand out against the crowd.

Video content can support your photos, giving you additional varied ways to show your products, show who you are, and tell your story. 

Videos can be eye-catching, engaging and allow you to take advantage of rising video features across different platforms. Think short and sweet videos to use across Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy; or more in-depth promo videos sharing behind the scenes, testimonials, the customer experience, and more - it's a versatile way to help your audience explore your brand.

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Add on video to your product or brand shoot...

For a little burst of video content...


  • 4 short and sweet under 30-second videos

  • Portrait orientated

  • Perfect for Instagram reels, Pinterest, Etsy, and more

  • Show behind the scenes of you at work, little details, or transition style product videos


(Add onto a product, Brand, or Top-Up shoot)

Perfect for telling your story...


  • 2-3 minute promo style video

  • Landscape orientated

  • Bespoke instrumental music

  • Add voice-over elements (brand shoots only)

  • A behind-the-scenes look at what you do combined with interview-style sections or a product showcase video

  • 2 short and sweet under 30-second versions of the promo video


As an add onto a product, Brand or Top Up shoot

or from £375

for stand-alone video shoots

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