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DIY your product photography


Coming back soon!

Learn how to create more impactful product photography for your small business in just 10 days.


No fancy cameras or studio lights needed, you'll learn practical ways to use equipment you already have to show your products off at their best.

Do you know you need high-quality product photography but don't know where to start?

Sign up for this mini course, and for 10 days, you'll receive daily videos to help you understand what photos you need, how to find the right light, how to keep things consistent, how to capture high-quality photographs and more! All for just £20!

Coming back soon!

This is for you if:

  • you run a product-based small business

  • can't invest in professional photography right now but you know photos are important

  • you know you need higher-quality photos but don't know how to take them

  • you don't want to invest loads in fancy equipment

  • you've got a phone or camera

  • you want quick, practical tips that can improve your photos ready to launch your Christmas products

If you don't know what you should be doing to improve your product photography...

I can show you how to:

  • organise yourself so you know exactly what photos you need

  • choose your backgrounds, props and style of images

  • add instant impact to your images

  • make sure your images are high quality every time

  • find the right light and more in just 10 days!

My short and sweet daily video lessons will help you master the basics of product photography.

Plus, get personalised feedback on the photos you're taking and advice on the setups you're using!

What's included?

DIY Your Product Photography is a 10-day mini course to help you improve your photography skills.

You'll get

  • a daily video lesson delivered straight to your inbox

  • templates and cheat sheets to help you stay organised

  • Personalised feedback and advice on the images you're taking

DIY Your Product Photography is £20 and the next start date will be announced soon.

This isn't for you if:

  • you're looking for something really in-depth

  • you want something with lots of technical aspects like specific camera settings or using professional equipment

  • you want something that has a heavy focus on studio and artificial lighting

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Why are photos so important for your small business?

When you're a product-based business you need to be able to show what you're selling otherwise people won't buy it.

When your photographs are high quality they can

  • give customers confidence and trust in your business

  • help minimise returns as they show the customer exactly what they are getting

  • attract your ideal client

  • Strengthen your brand's visual identity and values

And they are SO versatile. Photographs can be used across countless places - your website or selling platforms, social media, printed marketing materials, stockists' websites, in online and offline features - just to name a few!

If you need to improve your product photography then this might be the course for you!

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