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Brand Photography - is it worth the investment?

Are Brand photos even worth the investment? I bet most small businesses who think about having brand photos taken have thought this at one point or other. And I don’t blame them. Photography for your business is often a big investment. But one thing that you have to keep in mind is that Brand photography doesn’t just give you photographs. It’s worth the investment because you get so much more than that!

Is brand photography worth investing in?

Jane Kent Studios at her sewing maching during her brand shoot

It’s easy to just think about the money when thinking about investing in Brand photography but what are you actually getting for your money? Yes you’re getting photos of you and your business looking fab! But think about what else you’re getting.

Brand Photos save you time

How often have you spent more time than you want to admit scrolling through your camera roll trying to find a photo; or trying to find the perfect angle for a selfie? How many times have you wanted to show up on stories but thought to yourself, actually I don't feel like it today/haven't put makeup on? Or you've just got a million things to do and taking a photo is last on your list? Having a gallery of brand photos saves you this time. You always have photos of you looking fab and happy at work whenever you need something to post.

Brand Photography gives you consistency

How often as a small business owner do you feel like you aren’t consistent enough with social media? And how often is that because you feel like you don’t have photos to post? Having a library of brand photos ready to go means you’ve always got content ready to post. You can be consistent and relax in the knowledge that those photos are showing the best of your brand and business.

Brand photography impacts your customer relationships

Brand photography can also massively impact the relationships you have with your audience and customers. It is human nature to be a bit nosey and want to connect with other people. Its part of why people love to shop with small businesses, they want to shop from people and make those connections rather than shop from a faceless corporation. Showing who you are within your images can hugely impact the trust someone has in your business. It shows them that you’re a real person, it allows them to connect, relate to you and build a connection. If they can build a connection with your business they’re more likely to trust you. If they can trust your business they’re more likely to be repeat customers and recommend you which means your business will grow.

Brand photography makes your product or service look more inviting

Professional photography shows your business off in the best way, it helps your product or service look it’s best and that makes it more inciting. The better your business looks the more visibility you’ll get which will lead to more engagement, a bigger audience and ultimately more sales.

Whether you're selling a product or a service whatever platform you’re using can be massively improved by having brand photos. Professional photos of you at work show your audience that you take your business seriously, and in turn that shows them that you’ll take their custom seriously too. It helps to legitimize your business and show that you are a professional.

So ask yourself this - If you’re gaining photographs of you looking amazing doing your job, more time, better customer relationships, more consistency in your social media, a better reputation and more customers, is the investment of Brand Photography worth it?



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