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How long before a product launch should you book photos?

Branded postcard in front of gift box product photography

One of the tricky things about launching can be to know when to do everything. There are so many different stages to launching something new and planning things in the most effective way can help things be a lot less stressful.

So let's think about product photos. When should you have your products photographed when you're launching something new? This will depend on a few things like the photographer you're working with, how long it might take to make or source products, or if it's something you've thought of last minute and are trying to launch asap.

The best way to plan for your product photography to make sure you have enough time to get everything you need is to think backwards...

1. Think about the date that you want to launch your products - not the date that you'll first start marketing them but the date they'll first be available to purchase. Then think about

  • How long do you want the launch or build-up to be? How long before will you start sharing about it on social media?

  • How long do you need to plan out and schedule your launch content?

  • Do you need to have printed marketing materials made that feature the images? How long will it take to have those made?

2. You'll now have a rough date on when you need your product photos to be with you. Now think about the photographer you've chosen to work with

  • How long after a shoot is it before your images will be delivered?

Every photographer will have a different way of working but before you book with them they should always be able to give you a rough timeline of when your photos will be delivered eg. they may send proofs after a day and final edits after 3 weeks; they may send final edits within 2 weeks; they may offer a rush service where you'll get your images back within a day or two. Knowing what their timeline looks like will help you build yours and make sure you're working with the right person.

3. You'll now have a rough date of the latest your shoot can take place for you to get everything back in time to prep for your launch.

  • Think about how long it will take you to source products or make any samples before you can send them to your photographer - you need to have enough time before any openings they have.

  • And see when your photographer might actually be able to fit you in - the more last minute you're organising something, the less likely you're photographer will have the exact availability you need especially at busy times of the year like when people are prepping for Christmas. So the sooner you can start creating your timeline for your launch, the sooner you can speak with your photographer and the more likely you'll be able to stick to your chosen launch date.

Thinking ahead can be hard and sometimes you'll need to think about these things a few months in advance. But ulitmately it will make things less stressful for you.


Every photographer is different, but if you're planning on working with me for your product photography, here's how that might fit into your timeline… You'll receive your gallery of edited images 2 weeks after your shoot date (or in less than a week with a rush edit add-on) I'm generally booking shoots a month in advance - to give time to plan, learn about your business, and have products sent to me (sometimes I might have last-minute availability so it's always worth checking if you need something sooner) At some times of year, there may be longer wait times - especially from September onwards when people are starting to book Christmas shoots.



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