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Three types of photos you need as a product business

Abigail Jewellery smiling at the camera while holding crates of jewellery boxes - Personal Branding Photography

Photographs are an integral part of running a product based business. They show our audience what are products are, who they are for and help our business to stand out. Our brains process images a hell of a lot quicker than they do text, so by sharing high quality photographs, you’re making the job of understanding why they need your product so much easier for your audience.

So let’s chat about the photos you need…

Photographs that show your products…

An obvious one, but an important one! People won’t buy what you’re selling if they can’t see it. Product photographs need to be high quality in order for them to be most beneficial - this means that the size, scale, colours and use of the products need to be as accurate as possible within your images.

five handmade statement rings alongside branded Abigail Jewellery box photographed against a pink background - Product Photography

The type of product photographs you need depend on the styles you like, as well as the places you sell. Some markets and selling platforms want studio style images with plain backgrounds. These are great for clearly showing what your product is. These don’t necessarily need to be white backgrounds, if your brand is full of colour then embrace that!

Some selling platforms prefer more lifestyle images, and this type of image often works well on social media. The real life element creates instant connection and evokes emotion which can be a really powerful thing. Seeing the product in use makes it easier for your audience to imagine using it in their own life, and if they can easily see themselves using it and why they need it, they’re more likely to convert into paying customers.

Photographs that tell a story…

Your brand is so much more than just what products you sell. It’s about the whole story including your values and you. Your customers want to get to know you as well as your products, because that’s what helps them create a connection.

Abigail Jewellery in her workshop - Personal Branding Photography

Branding photographs and behind the scenes helps you to easily tell that story. They show the love and effort that goes into your products, how you work, and allows to educate your audience on your skill. This helps to subconsciously reinforce the value of your products and sets you apart from everyone else.

Close up of Abigail Jewellery's hands at work while she polishes a ring - Personal Branding Photography



Photographs that create trust…

In order for your audience to convert into customers, they need to be able to trust you. Trust forms the basis of your customer relationships and helps to create a reputation, and your photographs can play a big part in that.

Abigail Jewellery soldering within her workshop - Personal Branding Photography

Photographs that show who you help to build trust as your audience can see who they’re buying from, which is often why they choose to stop from small businesses. You can also use photographs of hands to evoke the same feelings of trust. The more a customer trusts you, the stronger your relationship they’ll have with your business and the more likely they’ll be to buy from you again and recommend you.

Two hands holding a branded Abigail Jewellery Box against a pink background - Remote Product Photography

Your customer photographs are also super important to create trust, they give your business social proof as well as credibility as it shows that other people trust you too.

Whatever photographs you share within your business, whether they’re professional, snaps you’ve taken yourself or customer images, you should always make sure they are high quality (well lit, not distorted, in focus, show the correct colours and scale, and in line with your brand style) so that your images aren’t catching peoples eye for the wrong reasons.


If you'd like to know more about how photography can help your product-based business follow me on Instagram or book a call and let's chat.


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