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nine places you can use photography in your business

Running a small business can be hard, right?! It's a constant battle between keeping things updated, finding content and showing your business off to its best potential. So here are a few ways that quality photography can help your business.

Business branding photoshoot showing customer experience
Branding shoot showing the customer experience

Blog posts

We all know that blog posts are great for helping answer questions your customers might have, but they are also great for helping with seo which helps your website be seen my more people. Good quality photographs can do several things in a blog post

  • The feature image you use to advertise the post can entice people to click on it

  • You can use photographs to break up larger chunks of text making it more readable

  • Photographs can back up the points your making in your blog post

  • You can add alt tags to each image - these descriptions can contain your keywords and help the seo of your website

  • If you are guest posting on someone else's blog, a good headshot can show their readers who you are

Social media

Social media can be so time consuming! So having a stock of photographs about your business can be a great way to create content. Posts on social media that include photographs or video recieve more visibility and are likely to get more engagement than just text.

Lifestlye business photography product photography for clothes label
Lifestyle shoot for clothing brand


If you use newsletters in your business photographs can help you announce the launch of a new product, event or anything else you want to shout about.

Promotional materials

Photographs can be used on a range of promotional materials so make sure that they show your business off in the best way. Whether it's an online advertisement, business cards, leaflets or signs, photographs can be eye-catching and help your business stand out.

Speaking events or workshops

You might run a business that hosts workshops, or you may be asked to speak at an event. If you have a good quality headshot you'll be able to provide this, along with your bio, so everyone attending can easily recognise you.

business photography behind the scenes of event
Behind the scenes at a businesses networking evnt

Profile pictures

Your business profile pictures are a way your customers can easily identify your business. You might prefer using a headshot for this rather than a logo, as it makes it a bit more personal. If you are using headshots, having several different ones means that you can refresh your profile pictures every few months while still staying on brand.

Website or shop pages

If you sell a product then photographs of that product on your website or online shop front are a must! And photographs of your product in use is a great way to help people visualise how they would use it within their own life. If you sell a service more behind the scenes type imagery will help to give people understanding and insight into what you do, and if they like what they see they'll be more likely to contact you.

Product photography for wedding cake maker
Product photography for wedding cake maker

Press releases

Press releases are a great way to showcase your business, and including high quality photographs with them will make them more appealing and could mean you're more likely to get them published by local news outlets, websites, magazines or blogs.

Magazine features

Just like blogs, magazines often have guest writers and to accompany these articles, they very often require a headshot (so they can show readers who wrote the article). It could be that a magazine or blog wants to do a whole feature on you and if you already have quality photographs of your business you'll make the job much easier and quicker for the publication.

These are just some of the ways that high quality professional photography can be used in your business.

If you would like to chat about photography for your business, just drop me an email


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