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Brand Shoot - handmade candles - candle collective uk

You're going to wish smell-o-vision was a thing when you look at these photos!

I've been there right from the beginning of Carol's small business journey with Candle Collective UK and I get to work with her on a regular basis on personal branding shoots. From the start she's known that quality photographs would really help her business stand out and she had a clear vision for the images she wanted us to create.

As well as the traditional product photography, being a handmade business, Carol was keen to show more of the process and behind the scenes. This way she has been able to introduce herself and her products in a relaxed approachable way, and build a solid foundation for her products to be recognised in a unique way.

We chatted about her brand values, style and colours before the shoot to make sure our location, props and outfit choices all fitted together and portryed the same positive message. Carol thought about all the little details...even her nail varnish colour was on brand!

I loved being there to photograph the making process, I didn't realise how much went into making candles! And spending the day smelling all those gorgeous scents...well I can't compalin about that!

One of the best ways to create an emotive connection with customers is to show them your product in a real life environment. This helps them to visualise it within their own life and you're more likely to convert them into a paying customer.

During a 2-hour branding shoot there's plenty of time to capture a variety of content, so it was also important to show off the finished product. Having previously done the more traditional product shots we decided during this shoot to show the products in use in a home environment. These images show the candles off without them always being the main focus of the image. This works well when you're trying to balance pushing sales on social media and keeping your product in people's minds.

We made sure to stick to neutral environments to match the Candle Collective UK brand, and the colours we did introduce complimented those of the products labels. This way no matter which images are used they all tie in and work well together. Check out Candle Collective UK's instagram to see how they tie all the different styles of images together.

We also created some videos to give even more variety to the content Candle Collective has to use.

If you're interested in knowing more about how photography can help your small business, get in touch and let's chat about your ideas

Lucy Hannah Photography provides relaxed personal branding photography for small businesses in Liverpool and surrounding areas.


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