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The importance of a headshot

Personal Branding Photography gives your audience an overall insight into who you are and what your business does, and within that a headshot is not only important but will come in handy for so many reasons!

The word headshot is often still associated with boring corporate photography, and these days that’s not what it’s about at all. Your headshot is your opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience, it’s the first chance you get to say hello. So be yourself, have fun with it and show your personality!

They say you only have one chance to make a good impression so make sure your headshot stands out.

It can be nerve wracking being in front of the camera, everyone thinks so. But that doesn't mean you should avoid being photographed completley. Your potential customer wants to know who you are, they want to make that personal connection before they make a purchase, so make sure you show up. Proffesional photographs help to show that you take yourself and your business seriously, so your customers will too.

Professional headshots don't need to be serious, boring or filled with awkward posing. They should be an accurate and natural representation of who you are. You should feel comfortable when you are having your photograph taken - be in a place that reflects your brand, in clothing that you feel comfortable in, and if you want, have props that help show what you do.

Your headshot should be friendly and approachable and help your customer create connection. The best way to do this is to act natural and look directly into the camera, but not everyone feels comfortable with that. I find chatting about what you do while you're in front of the camera is a great way to get natural reactions, and if you don't feel comfortable looking directly into the camera, then don't! Your headshot can still be effective even when you're looking slightly away.

Your headshot is a great way for customers to be able to recognise your brand as you can use it in so many places

  • Your website about me page

  • Your social media profiles

  • Your LinkedIn profile

  • Marketing materials and leaflets

  • Within email marketing campaigns

  • When you're featured in online or print articles

  • When you're speaking at events

and more!


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