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Here's what your photos should be telling your audience

Photographs can be hugely beneficial to any business, but it's not just about any old images, it's about having the right photos for your business

So what are the right photos? I'm sure you've heard the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and it's true. Images can be so much more impactful than text, and quicker for your audience to process and understand. For your photos to be most effective, they need to be speaking to your audience.

The photographs you use for your business should tell your story. They need to tell your audience who you are, they need to reflect your ideal customer's lifestyle, and they should tell your audience what your business values are.

Relaxed headshot of female personal trainer laughing outdoors. Personal Branding Photography Liverpool

Show your audience who you are

One of the most important things your images should be telling your audience is who you are and what you offer. Use your images to introduce yourself, show your personality and the environment you work within. It creates connection and relationships with your audience and is a simple easy way for them to see if they're someone who is right for them to work with.

Show what appeals to your ideal client

Showing your products or services in use is one of the most effective ways to use images to boost your sales. When a potential customer sees an item in use it's easier for them to imagine how it would fit into their own life. If they can easily imagine the product in their life they can more easily understand why they need or want it, and that is more likely to convert into a sale. The environment that you photograph your products in should relate to your ideal client's lifestyle so that it resonates with them and catches their eye.


Claire arranging flowers in her kitchen as part of her personal branding shoot

Show your values

The values you hold in your business should be reflected in every part of your branding, but particularly within your images. Your photographs can influence the feelings you want to be evoked when someone looks at your business. Words can be subtly portrayed in images and subconciously recognised by your audience. Eg. if approachability is a key value for you, your images should be filled with natural expressions and eye contact with the camera. If community is an important value, fill your images with groups of people. If transparency is an important value, use your images to show the real behind the scenes of your business - the struggles as well as the wins. Showing your values within images will strengthen the message your brand portrays.

Newborn photographer Jemma arranging balloons in her studio. Relaxed behind the scenes and personal branding photography

By sharing a wide range of images that show who you are, what you offer, who you're aimed at and what your values are, you'll not only attract your ideal kind of people but your photographs will accurately tell the story of your business and reflect what your brand is all about.


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