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Brand Shoot - Health coach- Revive and refresh Health Coaching

Health coach and client cooking Personal branding photography Liverpool

Photography for product based business seems like an obvious choice - you've got something tangible that you need photographing for your customers to see. But photography can massively benefit service based businesses too.

For a lot of small businesses you are your brand, and for service based businesses like coaches, your customers aren't just buying into your service they are buying into you. Customers today like to create a personal connection with people they choose to work with so photography can help bridge that gap. It can give them insight into who you are.

Photographs play a huge part in helping customers imagine your product or service in their own life which builds a stronger connection meaning they are more likely to convert into a paying customer. Service based businesses can help do this by showing photographs of their customer journey.

I recently worked with Margaret Bell - Revive and Refresh Health Coaching. Margaret wanted photographs that she could use to help explain the services that she offers so we included someone else in her shoot to help recreate her process. She offers in person and video meetings as well as cooking and nutrition advice so we tried to showcase aspects of all of these during her shoot to give her a variety of content to use.

If you're interested in knowing more about how photography can help your small business, get in touch and let's chat about your ideas

Lucy Hannah Photography provides relaxed personal branding photography for small businesses in Liverpool and surrounding areas.


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