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By no means do you need a different photograph to share for your business for every day of the year. But think of all the places you share images each day both on and offline. You'll soon realise that you need a wide variety.

Regular branding shoots for your business throughout the year have so many benefits

  • You save yourself a huge amount of time over the year - over 100 hours!

  • You get a tonne of high-quality images to use for social media, your website, blogs and printed marketing materials

  • You get seasonal content that relates to your audience

  • You never have to worry about not having photographs for new products or services, launches or promotions

  • It helps make content planning easier

  • You have the added benefit of video content giving you a new way to connect with your audience

  • Plus you'll gain the confidence to consistently show up within your business





4 Branding shoots spread out at your own pace over 12 months

Planning support including advice on gathering inspiration, choosing outfits, props and locations before each shoot

A jam-packed guide about finding the confidence to step in front of the camera, to shout about your offerings, how confidence affects your business and how to keep that confidence to continually show up

A private online gallery with around 200 images perfect for use on all your social media, website, blog and printed marketing materials

2 1-minute promo videos great for connecting with customers and boosting engagement on your social media

Post-shoot support including advice about best practices for using your images and marketing your business


(worth over £2000)

(Additional travel charge for shoots outside of Liverpool)

Payment in installments available

How does it work?

We'll start off by chatting about your business, brand, ideals clients and what you offer. We'll look at the places you're planning on using your photographs, the values you have within your business, the colours you use within your branding and more to define the types of images that will be most useful to you. We'll then chat about what's coming up in your business over the next few months and year to plan when the shoots will work best.

Multiple shoots for your business means that you can have multiple locations - whether that's your workspace, your home or your favourite coffee shop. Each shoot is tailored specifically to you and the focus of each shoot can be slightly different. For one shoot you might want to focus on a specific service, your next shoot could include a client and focus on client experience - the possibilities are endless. Within each shoot there's plenty of time for a couple of outfit changes so you'll always have a wide variety.

For two of your shoots we'll capture both photo and video! 1 minute promo videos allow you to show different aspects of yourself and your service. You can use them on different platforms than photos alone and you'll often find that videos get great engagement across social media. They're a fab way to help your business stand out. They could be simple behind the scenes videos or an interview-style video to talk about what you offer.

Not long after each shoot, you'll get a private online gallery filled with images, along with your videos, that will not only tell your story, help market your business but also provide you with a tonne of content to use across social media.

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Have you ever stopped to think how long finding or taking photographs each day takes you?

My guess is each day you're scrolling through your camera roll; spending longer than you want to admit taking the perfect selfie; re-arranging your desk so it's insta-worthy or wandering around looking for good light and the perfect backdrop. By the time you've done all that, edited your image and figured out your caption it's likely that you'll have spent 20-30 minutes just for one post! Think about how often each day or each week you post to different platforms. You could be spending two and a half hours each week (or more!) just finding photos!

Over the year that works out at about 120 hours. 15 working days! 15 days where all you're doing is looking for photos.

Is that the best use of your time?


Got questions? Send them my way

Pop me an email or schedule a chin-wag