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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I'm guessing by now you'll all have heard about unplugged weddings...No? Well, an unplugged wedding is when the couple ask guests not to take photos during the wedding day. Sometimes it's just for the ceremony, other times its for the whole day. There are many reasons why a couple may choose to have an unplugged wedding like not wanting cameras and phones in the professional photos.

Me? I love unplugged weddings!

Yes I'm a photographer so its likely that I'm a bit biased towards unplugged weddings but, I've also been a bride. And as a bride an unplugged wedding was at the top of my planning list.


Being a photographer, photos were obviously important, and what I wanted to see in my wedding photographs was faces. I wanted to see the faces and smiles of my guests, the smiles of all the people I love most in the world, not their cameras and phones. You invest a lot in your wedding photographs and trust that your photographer can show the day off in the best possible way, and phones and cameras can really ruin that. When you're walking down the aisle do you want your other half's view blocked by guests standing in the aisle trying to snap a photo?

Being in the moment

My wedding was a very personal day. It wasn't the most traditional. It was filled with so many personal touches - from table names to thank you gifts; music composed by my husband to a ceremony we had written ourselves. Every part of the day had something special and I wanted my guests to pay attention. I wanted them to be in the moment and enjoy the day with us, not to be distracted by their phones.

No worry

I also didn't want my guests to feel like they had to worry about taking photos - I think some times guests feel like they may never see the professional photos so they have to take every shot they can. I wanted my guests to know that all the photos from the day would be shared with them (I created a wedding newspaper filled with photos and sent it to all the guests after the wedding - blog post on this coming soon!). I also didn't want my photographer to worry about guests getting in the way or random camera flashes going off and disturbing a photographers image.

Best of both worlds

A lot of people who have an unplugged wedding don't have the ban on cameras and phones for the whole day, simply the ceremony. I think this is a great choice as it means your guests are in the moment with you for the most special part of the day, and they're free to take as many photos as they want of uncle Bob's cheesy dance moves later on.

As a photographer I want you to know that if you do choose to have an unplugged wedding I will do my best to capture every moment. The big ones, the little ones and the ones you didn't see. I will capture your guests having fun, smiling, laughing and enjoying your day. (and don't worry, even if you don't have an unplugged wedding I'll still do all those things!)

I share sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram the day after your wedding! Sneak peeks you can tag yourselves in and share with all your family and friends. When your photos are ready, in your inbox will be a shiny gallery full of all of your images. A gallery that is super easy to share with your friends and family and they can even purchase images and prints from there. Your friends and family won't be left out, even if they don't take the photos themselves they'll still be able to cherish them forever!

If you want to know more about unplugged weddings or my photography then drop me an email on lucyhannahphotography@gmail.com

Lucy Hannah Photography provides creative, natural and unobtrusive wedding photography in Liverpool and beyond.

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