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Personal branding photography - Glamorama clothing

Vicky is a lover of the 80's, hip-hop, and barbie dolls. She's my go to makeup artist, is always full of positivity, determination and has creativity oozing out her ears, and I was so excited when she asked me to work with her and photograph her new range of t-shirts! Glamorama is a clothing brand filled with designs that are empowering, creative and fun. There's plenty of bold colours and neon to satisfy anyones inner raver - and she's a friend of of course there's leopard print!

When we sat down to chat about personal branding photography and what Vicky was looking for, it was obvious she wanted to show the versatility and wearability of her designs. She wanted a 'girl about town' relaxed vibe to her images and wanted to let the designs shine.

Knowing that the photographs would be used both on her website and to provide content for social media, we decided to shoot several of her designs in a variety of locations. As well as photography I created short promo videos perfect for sharing, so that Vicky would have a huge variety of options no matter which platform she was sharing them on.

To give a different type of content we also created a behind the scenes video of Vicky working her makeup magic, which I love! Anyone else wanna rock some spacebuns now?!

If you're interested in knowing more about how photography can help your small business, get in touch and let's chat about your ideas

Lucy Hannah Photography provides relaxed personal branding photography for small businesses in Liverpool and surrounding areas.


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