How to wear leopard print on your wedding day

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

If you're anything like me you'll love a bit of leopard print! And you might be thinking about ways you can wear it on your wedding day. So here's a few ideas...

White isn't a colour I normally go for, especially not a plain white, so I was determined for most of the wedding planning process that I was wearing blue. But when I came across this skirt with it’s gorgeous floral print, I knew that teaming it with some leopard print would be me down to a T! - Photo by Kieran Bellis Photography

Shoes can be one of the easiest ways to add a bit of leopard print into your wedding. Leopard print is EVERYWHERE at the moment meaning not only do you have your pick of styles but it doesn't matter what season your wedding is in, you'll find something perfect for you.

Winter is on its way and while most people might think cold weather and wedding dresses don't mix, they couldn't be more's the perfect excuse to wrap up warm. And whats better than a faux fur coat... a leopard print faux fur coat, oh...that's perfection! Just what you need for strolling around the city for some couples portraits.

You might just want a little touch of leopard print added to your bridal look and there's so many ways to do that. Try some statement earrings, wrap your bouquet in leopard print ribbon, or add a belt to your dress. Get creative and own your bridal look!

Or maybe you want to add a leopard print element into your bridal party? How about these beauties for bridesmaid dresses 💜 I'd mix them in with different prints or shades of the same colour across your bridal party for a super modern and relaxed look.

My bridal party even treated me to a leopard print wine glass (like this one) which meant no matter where in our wedding venue I put my glass down...everyone knew which one was my drink! Haha!

I love pattern and print but by no means do you have wear print or colour on your wedding day. If it’s not your style, then don’t worry. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, whatever makes you feel like you…and if that’s leopard print, we should probably chat!

If you have questions about wearing leopard print or other patterns on your wedding day or would like to know more about me and my photography, just drop me an email at

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