How to use instagram to plan your wedding

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I absolutely love Instagram. I’m a photographer, and it’s a photo sharing platform, so why wouldn’t I?! But it’s filled to the brim with beautiful inspiration, as well as businesses who may happen to be right on your doorstep. This means that it can be a great wedding planning tool!

finding wedding inspiration on Instagram

The easiest way to find inspiration on Instagram is by using the hashtag feature. You can browse and follow hashtags like #citywedding #somethingblue #alternativeweddingdress #elopements #diywedding - anything really. Its a quick and easy way to narrow down styles you like, or don’t like, and start to collate ideas for your own day. You can even use the bookmark feature to save images you like - so it’s almost like a mini Pinterest.

You can be pretty specific with hashtags. Say you’re getting married in Hope Street Hotel, pop #hopestreethotelwedding into the search box and you’ll be greeted with loads of photographs of different weddings in that venue. You can quickly see what colour schemes work well in your venue - different wedding layouts, decor ideas and more. Through searching for your venue you’ll also see different suppliers that might have worked there which is a great starting point for finding the right suppliers for you.


getting to know local wedding suppliers on Instagram

Instagram can be a great way to find wedding suppliers. Lots of local suppliers will be really active on social media and their Instagram account is like a mini website. You can quickly scroll through their profile, if you like what you see, follow them, visit their website and get to know them more. I think this is particularly useful when you’re searching for photographers.

When you’re looking for a wedding photographer it’s important to get to know their style and see if that is the style of photography you like. An Instagram grid is a really easy way to see their photos side by side and get an overall feel for what they do.

You can be really specific when you’re searching for photographers too. If you searched for #weddingphotography you’ll get all sorts of styes from photographers in all sorts of countries, so try and always include your location to get more accurate results.

Instagram stories is also a great way to get to know suppliers. They’ll often share behind the scenes, works in progress, tips for wedding planning and general information about how they work. It’s common now for wedding suppliers to chat away in videos on their Instagram stories, so not only can you see their work, but you’ll get a real feel for the person, if you’d get on with them, and if they are the right fit for you.

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