how to dress for your pre-wedding shoot

Your clothes are a reflection of who you are, they help you feel comfortable and confident and on a Pre-Wedding shoot that's exactly how you need to feel!

I'm not one for following all the latest fashion trends, I wear what I like no matter how in or out of style it might be. I clash colours and patterns, I wear leopard print every day. Your clothes are a reflection of who you are, they help you feel comfortable and confident and on a Pre-Wedding shoot that's exactly how you need to feel! But where do you start? How do you choose your outfit for a pre-wedding shoot?


Now when I say comfort I don't mean come strolling out in your pyjamas or jogger bottoms. I mean choose an outfit that you love and feel comfortable and confident in. I know that I don't feel like myself in jeans but give me a leopard print skirt and I feel much more at home. If you rock a skater dress or skinny jeans and heels, go for it. Wear that outfit that makes you stand tall and be proud to be you.


"Matchy matchy" is not the look we're going for but you want to coordinate your outfits by wearing similar or complimentary tones and colours. Rachel and Steven (below) show it off perfectly. They didn't turn up both wearing jeans and white shirts - waaaay too matchy. But they came wearing similar tones. They were both dressed in an equally casual manner which is great. If one of you is in jeans and trainers and the other sporting a cocktail dress and heels the feel of the images just wont be quite right. If you want to go dressy - both go dressy; if you want to go casual - both go casual.

I personally think casual is a great option for your pre-wedding shoot. In your wedding photos you're completely and utterly dolled up so having more casual pre-wedding photos means you have a great mixed selection of images to decorate your home with.

Don't be afraid

Colour is great! While solid colours are the most flattering don't think that you need to wear solid black. If that's not your style then don't. Be yourself and if you love colour that's great. Bold colours photograph really well in both black and white and colour. I would keep in mind that you want your photos to be timeless so try and wear something that's classic or won't age (stay away from those really wacky fashion trends that we all know we'll regret in a year or two) and try and avoid clothes with big labels or logos across the front.

Just remember that you want to look at your photographs and think - yeah, that's us! You will probably feel nervous in front of the camera so you want to wear something that you feel good in and that will reflect in your body language, posture and expressions. Be you and have fun with it. And if you want to bring more than one outfit with you, then go for it! Pre-wedding shoots are your chance to shine. A chance to get rid of those nerves, have fun, and revel in the excitement that your wedding is just around the corner!

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