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Here's where you can use video for your business

While lots of small businesses are embracing video as it's popularity increases across different platforms, I still see lot's of apprehension about it. For some it's not knowing how to create it, or what types of video will work best for them; for some it's time.

But what I see a lot is people saying 'I don't want to spend time creating videos to only use them on Instagram'. Which is ridiculous! All the content you create can be re-used, re-purposed and re-shared across different platforms!

So where can you actually use video for your business?

Youtube - Youtube has traditionally been the place for longer-form video content so great if you're creating things like vlogs, tutorials, interviews, promo videos or podcasts. They've also recently introduced Youtube stories which seems a bit like a cross between Instagram stories and reels - you can share videos up to 60 seconds long and they'll stay in your stories for 7 days

Pinterest - Pinterest is a platform that often gets forgotten by small businesses but it can do wonders for driving traffic to your website and getting your business in front of a new audience. Create video pins or use videos as part of Idea pins to tell a bit more of a story.

Etsy - Etsy has recently introduced the ability to add short videos onto your shop listings, great for your customers who want to see more details or your products in use.

Website - Your website it a great chance to use every type of video. If you've got tutorial videos use them in a blog post; add videos to shop pages, add behind the scenes videos in amongst client testimonials, or if you're comfortable chatting to camera use a welcome video on your about me page.

Social Media - Almost every social media platform has the ability to share video in some capacity, you could share a video as a post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn; you could be swap your Facebook header for a video or repurpose those Reels by uploading them to TikTok.

and of course on Instagram you can use it in more than one place. Instagram has been adding new ways to use video for years, so even within the one platform, you can use your video in multiple places - between stories, reels, igtv and grid posts your content can be used and shared more than once!

The possibilities with video are endless! And I'm sure there'll be even more opportunities to use it in the future.



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