five things to think about when choosing your wedding photographer

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Your wedding photos will last forever so it's important to choose the right person for you!


One of the first things to think about is the style of photography you like. Do you like posing for photos or prefer more natural ones? Do you want formal group shots or informal spontaneous shots? Do you want creative shots or something a bit more quirky? Although it seems like a daunting decision,figuring out the types of photographs you're after will really narrow down the selection of photographers.

I have a very relaxed and natural style of photography. I much prefer being behind the camera so I photograph in a way that I would want to be photographed. I try to stay hidden throughout the day,capturing moments as they happen, rather than staged shots. I find, that way, your photographs show the real you and because you don't notice that your photo is being taken you're much more relaxed through the whole day.


As important as it is to find a wedding photographer whose work you love, you also need to like the person! They are likely to be there for a big part of your wedding day and you'll be spending a lot of time around them so you want to make sure it's someone who you feel comfortable with. If you find a photographer who's work you love I would highly recommend meeting them for a coffee and getting to know them a bit. Don't feel pressured to book a photographer who's not right for you just because you've met them in person.

I love grabbing a coffee with prospective brides and grooms and hearing about their plans. Not only is it a chance to ask the photographer any questions you might have, you'll also have the chance to see examples of their work in person. If you're not in the photographers area, most of the time they're more than happy to chat over the phone or skype, which should still give you a good idea of if they are the right fit for you.


Another thing that I personally think is important when choosing your wedding photographer is communication. When they meet with you, are they listening? Are they interested in your ideas? Are they suggesting things that suit your needs? Your photographer should be able to clearly explain what to expect from them and if this suits what you're looking for. They should also give you details of the best ways to get in touch, whether it's by phone or email, you should know how to get in contact throughout the lead up to your wedding should you need help, advice or have ideas to share.

For me, it's also important to me that my couples know I'm thinking about and are excited for their wedding. Couples often book their wedding photographer a year or two in advance and it can be very unnerving if you don't hear from them in between booking and the wedding. I always try to keep in touch with couples every few months no mater how far in advance they book me. Whether its an email to see how the plans are going, sharing and idea I think they might like or sending a little surprise in the post. I think its important for my couples to know I value them.


For me, wedding photography isn't just about the photographs, its about the artwork. Find out the kind of products the photographer offers. Do they supply albums? Prints? Canvases? Can they show you examples? Your wedding album is likely to be one of the first family heirlooms so make sure it's a style that you love. Whether you prefer leather albums or a more modern photo book, your photographer should be able to offer a range of high quality products that will show your photographs off to their best.Think ahead to after your wedding and how you want to display your photographs in your home, can your photographer accommodate the kinds of products your after? And most importantly do they offer advice about how to display photographs if you're not too sure?

I LOVE seeing photographs in print. They really do look so different to when you see them on a screen. I take my time to decide on the products I offer,only sourcing high quality products. And more often that not they're products that I love and have in my own home displaying my favourite photos from my own wedding. I also know that until you see your wedding photos, it can be hard to decide how you'd want them displayed in your home. So I now offer amounts credit with my wedding photography packages which can be redeemed against any of the albums, wall art and prints I supply after the wedding.


And finally budget is of course important when choosing your photographer, but it shouldn't be your sole decider. Higher prices don't always mean higher quality; and a bargain isn't always worth it. It's not a bargain if you don't like your wedding photos. This is why research is so important. If photographs are important to you, then you want to make sure you budget a realistic amount. Photographers are also often flexible with their packages - found a photographer that you love but can't afford a full day package? Maybe choose a shorter package and fit your timeline of most important things around when your photographer will be there. A few hours of coverage with amazing photographs that you love is better than a full day of mediocre photographs that you end up disappointed with.

If you still have questions about how to choose your photographer or you would like to know more about me and my photography just drop me an email

Lucy Hannah Photography provide creative, natural and unobtrusive wedding photography in Liverpool and beyond.

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