Bright and beautiful wedding at The Bluecoat

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Summer is nearly here can you feel it? No? Still felling a little chilly? Don't worry, if you need something to brighten up your week this wedding will do just that!

Flower crowns and floaty dresses in fields are fab, but, city weddings are my thing. Especially Liverpool weddings. You get such an amazing mix of contemporary, quirky and traditional venues in Liverpool, no two weddings are ever the same. There isn't one style fits all - city weddings are as mixed as the buildings you find, and I love it! Now I may be biased seen as I got married in Liverpool city centre, but come on, we all know its the best city.

One gem that's hidden right under your nose is The Bluecoat. If you haven't come across it, find it. It's a gorgeous traditional building filled to the brim with art, perfect if you're a little bit crafty or creative.

This wasn't my first time photographing a wedding at The Bluecoat and I was so excited when this pair got in touch. Not only because I was dying to work here again, but also because I went to school with the bride and there's always something special about a wedding when you've known the couple for years.

I dare you to look at those sunflowers and not feel warm thinking of summer.

I dare you not to catch Rebecca’s infectious smile.

I dare you not to laugh at the thought of pill boxes as wedding favours - (Sam being a doctor = genius!)

Go on. Take a look. Brighten up your day.

Rebecca + Sam


Bride and groom enter their Bluecoat wedding reception

wedding speeches at The Bluecoat

laughter at The bluecoat wedding

chinese tea ceremony at this liverpool wedding

bride and groom portraits outside The Bluecoat

Guests enjoying the bluecoat wedding reception

laughing bride at The Bluecoat

Guests dancing during The Bluecoat wedding reception

happy first dance for the bride and groom at this Liverpool Wedding

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