These are the words my business is based on. Everything I do comes down to these, and I hope everyone who comes into contact with my business sees these communicated in everything I do and say.


Our values

Lucy Hannah Photography exists to help small business owners...

  • Show up in their business by showing who they are

  • Connect with and build relationships with customers by telling their story

  • Market themselves and increase their visibility by providing high-quality imagery

  • Grow their business by helping them understand how to use photographs in the right ways

  • And understand the impacts of imagery on confidence and self-esteem by sharing my own experiences, experiences of clients and my interest in the theories around positive visual imagery


My aim is that my business is a truly inclusive and diverse space open to all people of any gender, race or background, but I know that there is always more I can be doing as a business to achieve this.


I will continue to educate myself on issues around diversity and inclusion and learn how I can become a better ally and apply that to my business


I will research businesses that I pay, collaborate with or promote to understand their diversity and inclusion policies


I will audit businesses who wish to work with me and won’t work with those who hold harmful views


I will continue to follow, engage with and purchase from a wide range of businesses both in my personal and business life


I will not feature on blogs, podcasts, speak on panels or at events where people like me are overrepresented


I will continue to offer my services at affordable prices, with payment plan options available for larger packages


I will look into how my business can support marginalised groups, through donating my time or services to businesses who may otherwise not be able to access it



If you have any questions or would like to chat further about personal branding and product photography then just pop me a message

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