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branding photography for your business

Whether you provide a service or a product, showing up in your business is important because it means your audience can create that personal connection with you. And that's what you want. Without that connection, they can't build trust and a relationship with your business.

Photographs can impact the markets you sell in, the customers you attract and the price point you sell at. You can use images to show your process, your skill and the time you take which in turn shows your customers your worth.

Our brains process images sixty-thousand times quicker than text, so by sharing lots of images you're making the job of understanding why they need your product in their life so much easier for your customers.



A two-hour relaxed photo-shoot in your chosen location

Pre-shoot planning support including advice on gathering inspiration, choosing outfits, props and locations 

A guide to finding the confidence to step in front of the camera, shouting about your offerings with confidence, finding and keeping the confidence to show up in your business consistently and more!

A private online gallery of around 50 images perfect for using across your website, social media, blog and printed marketing materials

Post-shoot support including advice about best practices for using your images


(Travel charges apply for shoots outside of Liverpool)

How does it work?

Before your shoot we'll chat about your brand, ideal clients and where you'll use the images to define the types of images that will be most useful to you. Your shoot will be perfectly tailored to what you need so your photographs are always unique. We'll capture your process, your tools, your hands at work, and more. There's plenty of time for a couple of outfit changes so you'll get a tonne of variety in your images.

I won't ask you to pose in awkward positions or force a fake smile. This is a relaxed, natural, no pressure shoot - we'll simply chat away while I shoot so your images are filled with real, authentic expressions, perfect for creating a connection with your audience.

You'll get loads of information before and after your shoot to help you prepare, understand what to expect and how to use your images in the best way to market your business.

Within one week of your brand shoot, you'll get a private online gallery filled with images that will not only tell your story, help market your business but also provide you with a tonne of content to use across social media.

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Got questions? Send them my way

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"The images are perfect! I'm in the middle of my website and finding it hard not to use every single one!"


"I still can't believe how fabulous and beneficial my shoots with Lucy have been. I could happily hire you week in, week out to shoot my products"






Perfect for subscription boxes

A 30-minute relaxed photo-shoot within the Liverpool area perfect for updating your headshot

A private online gallery of images with 5 digital images to use across your social media, website and printed marketing materials


How does it work?

Mini shoots are great for two reasons - a quick injection of new headshots and if you've never had photos taken before it gives you the chance to see what it's like in front of the camera before investing more in your images. They are short, relaxed shoots focused on you.





A remote shoot with a desk styled to your brand and your online offerings on screen

Pre-shoot advice with everything you need to know to prepare for your shoot

A private online gallery of images of 5 images perfect for showcasing your online offerings


How does it work?

For many people our businesses have shifted lately to offer online services. Or maybe you've always offered online services but you don't have images that show how it works. This is where a virtual shoot comes in. You can show your audience exactly what it would be like working with you virtually. These are short shoots done over zoom to mimic your online courses, calls or membership groups. Or you can send over screenshots of specific resources or online content you want to show off. I'll then style my desk to your brand and shoot away.